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Format paper

  1. Paper can be submitted in English or Bahasa Malaysia.
  2. This paper should be typed with 1 spacing using font Times New Roman Size: Topic (12), Author information (11), Content (10), and stored using Microsoft WORD format. 
  3. Length limit:
    1. FIVE (5) pages for Scopus Journal & Web Science Core Collection Journal.
    2. Maximum 8 pages for IPN Journal & Diges PMU

         All the pages including abstract, diagrams tables and references

  1. Authors reminded to follow the formatting requirement of the paper. Please refer to TECHON 2019 Paper Template Use the APA style format for the list of references and the minimum number of references is FIVE (5).

         TECHON 2019 Paper Template


 Presentation format

  1. The seminar will be conducted in English and Bahasa Malaysia.
  2. Each presenter will be given 15 minutes for the presentation and 5 minutes for Q & A session.

        For online submission, please register here: http://submit.confbay.com/conf/techon2019

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